This new Frontline Nursing and Midwifery programme launched by the NHS Leadership Academy will support nurses and midwives in band 5 and 6 roles delivering care at the frontline in hospitals and the wider community to help them do the job they love even better and to have a greater influence on the way care is delivered. The programme will help participants reflect on their strengths, their role and ability to make a difference to people’s lives.

This programme is a personal development opportunity for nursing staff to create greater self-awareness and leadership to unleash the nurse they want to be and support them in continuing to make a difference to people’s lives. Although it is part of the offering from the NHS Leadership Academy, it is not specifically designed for Team Leaders to develop leadership competence, confidence and capabilities. It is based on the principle of shared leadership, i.e. anyone can be a leader within their role and it is not specific to a position/banding.

Band 7 Team Leaders should be prioritised for the Trust’s Team Leaders & Consultants programme “Empowering Leaders: Empowering Teams” that is continuing to be delivered throughout 2014/15.

Learning Outcomes

It is delivered over a six month period. Participants will:

  • Build their confidence and capability to have even greater influence on care
  • Learn to recognise what they do well… and find out what they can do better
  • Develop new skills and put them into practice
  • Take the opportunity to think about how their behaviour impacts on those around them, including patients, colleagues and care teams

A significant amount of the content is provided online, however participants will take part in the following:

  • A half-day induction, face to face in their learning group, in their region
  • Two 2-day residential workshops in their learning group, in their region
  • Five online modules – approx. five hours in total
  • Interactive study to do before each of the workshops – a total of approximately 11 hours interactive study for the whole programme.

Participants must attend all face-to-face workshop sessions.

 Important information regarding the application process:

  • The programme is fully funded by the NHS Leadership Academy; travel costs are the responsibility of employers.
  • Applications are made online at
  • The NHS Leadership Academy encourage line managers to have talent conversations with people before they apply who should discuss the alignment between their PDP and the programme and agree time to attend the programme and study leave.
  • Line Managers must approve applications and agree the time required out of the workplace to undertake the programme. A Line Manager guide is attached to this email.
  • Managers should inform the L&D Service of the names of people applying for this programme, awarded a place and undertaking the programme using the following email:
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