Vicarious Trauma and Well-being – 06/11/19

By Tilia Lenz

On the 06.11.19 Tilia Lenz and Louise Downes, LPCs presented their research into Vicarious Trauma and the impact on Social Workers at the Stress and Wellbeing in the Workplace event. The event was funded through the Economic and Social Research Centre (ESRC) and delivered in collaboration with Professor Lee-Ann Fenge at BU.

Lee-Ann presented her research in to vicarious trauma for academics and researchers in particular and pointed out the importance of supervision and support within the workplace. Very many similarities could be drawn to Social Work and front line practice in public and medical services.

After an informative and research based morning, over 60 attendees were invited to explore techniques for stress management and wellbeing. The attendees from different academic and practice settings had the opportunity to try out Yoga with Jez Culley of Helios Colour Yoga, Origami with Emily Rosenberg-Lanng and Stevie Corbyn as well as Meditation with Tilia Lenz.

Throughout the day attendees were able to share their worries about stress and vicarious trauma in the workplace by sharing their written reflections with the Research team. Tilia Lenz, Louise Downes and Lee-Ann Fenge will evaluate the findings and themes and within the Teaching Partnership those messages will be shared with senior managers and decision makers to ensure that employers are aware of the needs of the workforce to increase retention and continue to build a strong workforce for the future.

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