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Wiltshire Council

Wiltshire has been a special place for a very long time and our World Heritage Site stands testament to the ages.

Stonehenge and Avebury have a magnetism that has drawn people to them for centuries. But history in Wiltshire is not just ancient. Romans, Normans and Saxons have all left their mark on our countryside and towns. Come today and you can walk through time. Here in Wiltshire you can touch and feel the past. Be inspired with what Wiltshire has to offer from the past to the present day. Wiltshire has a population of 500,000 people, living in mainly rural areas with some bigger centres including the county town of Trowbridge in the West and the city of Salisbury in the South.

For more information:

Wiltshire Council website – http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/

Visit Wiltshire website – https://www.visitwiltshire.co.uk/

Adult social care

We want adult care in Wiltshire to be the best in the country, supporting independent lives in thriving and resilient communities. Our approach encourages and enables independence by listening and responding to the specific needs and concerns of individuals. We prevent dependence by supporting independence, ensuring we help those most in need and safeguard vulnerable adults from abuse or neglect.

Working with our health partners we help people before they reach crisis point, to stay healthy and out of hospital or reliant on care services. We focus on identifying existing individual, family and community support, ensuring that people can live independently for as long as possible.

We think innovatively about people’s needs – rather than assuming responsibility for providing care we look for more local, more sustainable and less intrusive solutions wherever they are available. We help people to access the wide range

of opportunities for intervention and prevention provided in communities and by partner organisations.

Improvements to people’s first experiences of asking for care enables us to:

• Ensure the most appropriate response is provided at the first opportunity

• Develop and maintain resilience within our communities

• Reduce dependence on resources, and ensure our skilled multi-agency resources are used more effectively

We use evidence to determine how we provide care, gathering information about the needs of local people and the effectiveness of community programmes to prevent need increasing, while protecting those who are most vulnerable.

Safeguarding services provide a consistent, multi-agency approach to investigating any suspected incidents of abuse and neglect and to changing outcomes.

Our care workforce, across health and the voluntary sector, are trained and supported to ensure they have the right skills to deliver better outcomes by providing advice, expertise and guidance. We are working with the sector to ensure that a responsive, vibrant, diverse and sustainable marketplace can give people the freedom to choose the right solutions for them.

These benefits support our priorities to help people take responsibility for their well-being, to protect the most vulnerable and to build resilient communities. Where care is needed, we are working towards ensuring there is a seamless provision between health and social care, providing the highest standards of care.

Families and Children Social Care                  

Five driving principles of FACT:

1. Resilient communities with Equity of Opportunity

We want all our children and young people to reach their full potential by having high aspirations for, and creating opportunities with, those who are disadvantaged through poverty or vulnerability. We will support families in overcoming difficulties in being able to care for their children and each other. Where children cannot continue to live in their immediate or wider family we will ensure they achieve permanence in a timely and effective way.

2. Help when you need it

We will provide support early to prevent families’ difficulties escalating and in doing so improve outcomes and reduce demand for higher tier services.

3. We are Better Together

As a partnership we will spend wisely and within budget by eradicating duplication, simplifying and integrating processes and improving multi-agency integrated working and collaboration.

4. More time to be with Families

We will maximise time spent with families and in doing so improve the child’s experience of support and build resilience in communities.

5. Investing in our Staff

We will ensure we are an effective confident workforce with an effective practice framework.

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