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Webinar: Overview over Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

We listened to your feedback on previous sessions. You told us that the themes were great but you wanted more information and to delve deeper into the subject. So the Teaching Partnership is now offering a ‘Super Masterclass’ in September with Liane Venus, Social Worker and AMPH for BCP Council and Tilia Lenz, Lecturer Practitioner Consultant. 

The “Overview over Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)” masterclass is provided in 2 parts and aims to give an introduction into how ASD impacts the individual’s social functioning, sensory perception, emotions, executive functioning and awareness.

Across the 2 sessions, Liane will discuss each area individually, drawing on the teachings of experts such as Dr Tony Attwood and Professor Simon Baron-Cohen; her experience of working with individuals with ASD; as well as her personal experience. 

In the latter part of the second session, Liane touches on neurological differences found in the brains of individuals with ASD, which not only explain the earlier discussed features, but can also be used to shed light on the not always recognised and appreciated ‘superpowers’ that often come with ASD, challenging the learner to change the viewpoint from one focussed on difficulties to one that celebrates individuality and strengths. 

These Webinars will be aimed at Adult and Children’s Social Workers and offer practical insights as well as a theoretical background.  The Super Masterclass will be spread over 2 sessions, each 2-hours long, on the 22.09.20 and 29.09.20 from 14.00 to 16.00hrs. The webinars will be run over Microsoft Teams.

If you would like to attend, please email to secure your place! 

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