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Updates from our colleagues at Social Work England..

1. Registration renewal and Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

Please note social workers must renew their registration and upload CPD by 30 November 2020. Any social worker who has not completed this through their online account on our website will see their registration lapse and will no longer be able to legally practise. To return to practise they will be required to apply to restore their registration. It is important to note that the restoration process may take some time to complete and they will not be able to practise until we have confirmed that the application to restore has been accepted.

2. Social Work Week 2021

Secondly, you may be aware that next year Social Work England will host the country’s first Social Work Week for the sector. From 8-12 March 2021 a virtual programme of events will bring together thought-provoking speakers, workshops, debate, discussions and wellbeing drop ins.

Social Work Week 2021 will:

  • Look back at social work in England 2020, collaboratively capturing reflections on the impact of significant events on the social work profession and people.
  • Review the first year of our regulatory activity and share lessons learned.
  • Create a space for the social work sector to describe “What is social work?” focusing on the professional standards.
  • Bring people with an interest in social work together to cultivate new relationships for long-term change for social work in England and plan future conference


As a Teaching Partnership we are planning to celebrate the Social Work Week and if you have any ideas, suggestions or plans as to how we can showcase best practice, outstanding collaboration with Service Users and clients or maybe how individuals and services have been able to advocate for vulnerable people during COVID-19 pandemic – let us know!

Tilia Lenz

Lecturer Practitioner Consultant, Pan-Dorset & Wiltshire Teaching Partnership- Research Focus and TP Coordination

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