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Social Work Programme in September 2019

On 15.07.19 the academic team for the BA and the MA courses met to map out teaching content across the Units. We wanted to ensure that students on both courses get a good grounding on theories, models and the law that informs Social Work across the board. We were able to see the golden threads weaving through the students’ journey of learning and how key themes would be introduced at a broad level in the first semester and revisited in much more depth and critical thinking at a later stage.

All academics have their own teaching style and we were invited to share something that we do in our teaching with colleagues. There was lots of laughter and learning from each other when we explored experimental techniques and how games can be used to make Social Work theories visual, approachable and memorable.

We ended the day by being taught something very new ourselves and we looked at the use of electronic quizzes to manifest learning in an interactive way, so we are looking forward to a full-on and well thought through Social Work Programme in September 2019!

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