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Congratulations from BU and the Teaching Partnership to graduating students

Many of you have now finished your studies, although we are aware that some of you have yet to complete final pieces of work as you head towards graduation. For all of you, we wanted to express our appreciation for your commitment and your professionalism and to thank you in particular for working collaboratively with us through the recent crisis. 

At whatever stage you are at currently, we would like to offer our congratulations for the significant achievements you have gained and to look forward to all the opportunities we may have to work and collaborate with you in the future. We are disappointed to not be seeing you ‘in the flesh’ so to speak, but are very much looking forward to your graduation day when we hope to see you and your friends/family (remember it is the shoes that everyone notices as you walk across the stage!).

The Teaching Partnership is looking forward to welcome many of you as ASYEs in Dorset, BCP and Wiltshire. Preparations for inductions are running high to ensure that your transition from student to practitioner is as smooth as possible- You will probably meet some of the practitioners who co-facilitated teaching sessions.

Just remember to stay in touch, reach out and look forward!

The BU and Teaching Partnership Teams

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