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BU Assessment Board July 2019

On the 11.07.19 the Assessment Board met at BU to ratify markings and awards for BA and MA students on the Social Work courses. As the BU based LPC I was invited to observe the process and now, as all results are out, I can share with you the experience.

The board agreed on grades and awards, considered mitigating circumstances and carefully weighed up options for students further progression if assignments had been failed. This was a balanced and fair process and it became clear to me that academic staff really know the students well.

Part of the Assessment Board were the external examiners who ensured the independent QA process for the grading of students. But their role went further than just reading samples of assignments and dissertations. Dr Mel Hughes explained to me that “the EE role takes place all year, culminating in the assessment board. The externals are all experienced social work academics from other UK programmes. Throughout the year they are sent copies of all of the firsts and fails and asked to view a random selection of assignments in between. They provide written reports on each unit and then a final report at the assessment board.”

They also looked at Unit structure, teaching materials and sources, academic feedback as well as support that is offered to students. They feedback was overwhelmingly positive! The examiners had met with a group of students before the Board and sought their views on teaching and support and shared that students felt well supported and guided throughout their time at BU.

The academic team is immensely proud of the feedback and will continue to seek views of the students and external examiners to tweak units and assessment processes to deliver first class teaching and get the most out of students to get them ready for practice!

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