Accredited CPD

Continuous Professional Development is an integral part of Social Work. As a practitioners we have to evidence our learning and development to Social Work England when we register or re-register.  

The Teaching Partnership is committed to not only offer Masterclasses and short learning events but is also investing into accredited CPD opportunities with Bournemouth University. Accredited CPD is usually funded through your employer, although it is possible to self-fund the courses.

Accredited CPD with BU is incredibly popular with practitioners and is seen as vital part for career progression. Our Learning Needs Analysis in May 2020 showed us that 80% of all practitioners want to attend accredited courses. With each course you attend and complete, you gain academic credits that you can use to build up to gain further academic qualifications.

Bournemouth University is currently offering the Advanced Mental Health Practitioner and Best Interest Assessor training that are vital for roles in Adult Services in particular.  

Practice Education is also at the heart of the Teaching Partnership and we are proud to co facilitate the PCD pathway with BU academics. If you are interested to become a Practice Educator, please visit the PE webpage. 

Case study: You said- We listened. The EPL unit 

The Teaching Partnership undertook a Learning Needs Analysis in May 2020. Practitioners across Dorset, BCP and Wiltshire Council were invited to share their views on current CPD offers and which opportunities they would like to seek in the future. You told us barriers to attend courses and shared that practical issues like travel, time and workload can hinder attendance. You shared that accreditation is incredibly important to you and you wanted a wider range to topics to learn about and study in depth. 

As a result, the Lecturer Practitioner Consultants have developed a series of Masterclasses that are now being delivered as Webinars to offer you the flexibility and convenience to attend without having to worry travel and parking. They are also offering you the opportunities to hear about current issues and take part in a debate and reflection on topics such as Stress, Trauma and Self Care during Covid 19. 

To enable deeper learning, access to research resources and most importantly accreditation, the Teaching Partnership has funded the Evidencing Professional Learning (EPL) unit in 2020 for interested practitioners. The EPL unit is designed to offer the greatest flexibility for post graduate students to delve deep into a subject matter, reflect and take learning into practice. Students can choose their area of interest themselves and are guided by the CPD lecturer Melanie Forthys-Smith and our LPC Tilia Lenz in their independent studies. Apart from the teaching days at BU, tutorials are offered to students to ensure they are on track and have access to research through BU library. 

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